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About Our Firm

Eagle Tax Planning & Advisory Group LLC was founded by Raj Prashad, CFP®, CLU, ChFC, EA.  Our company is located in NY. Our service is designed  for the average American who wants to achieve their Financial Goals. We offer both comprehensive Financial Planning including Tax Preparation and Modular Planning.

For comprehensive financial planning

The Standard Open Retainer is the focus of our practice. With this retainer, our clients receive the full benefit of our services. We meet with our clients four to six times during the course of the initial year, depending on their situation, to create and set in motion their financial plans.

Our Standard Open Retainer is an open-ended retainer and our clients can consult us on any topics of concern, within our scope of expertise.

In order to accommodate the clients that do not need COMPREHENSIVE FINANCIAL ADVISE, we have created a special service to suit their needs. These services are specific to the client needs and are described below:

The Limited Retainer and The Project Retainer are two special pricing options that are suited to the type of client described above.

Both of these retainers are similar to a "Financial Check-Up", and are designed to offer 2 or 4 hours of consulting for clients who do not desire comprehensive planning or for those clients that are just starting out on the road to financial planning. The Project Retainer is for clients who have a singular area of concern that they would like help with.