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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fee-Only Financial Planning? 

The success of a financial planner should not be based on the number of products a client purchases, but on the success of his or her clients. This is why no referral fees, commissions, or other reimbursements from the implementation of recommendations are accepted. We are Fee Only Advisors.

Being compensated by a predetermined client fee rather than commissions assures that the advice clients receive is unbiased and is always in their best interest.

Why hire a financial advisor? 

Most people are not financial experts. Yet increasingly, These individuals are left in charge of their own financial future completely helpless and uncertain as to whom they should seek advise from. The are abandon by Advisors who only want to advice the rich and the famous. Most are aware that planning is critical, yet they don`t have the time nor the expertise to develop a plan to achieve their goals.

Maybe you consulted with a financial advisor in the past...perhaps you felt you were being asked to buy something you didn't fully understand. Maybe you felt that products were recommended without consideration for your overall financial situation. Comprehensive, holistic, fee-only financial planning eliminates these concerns. You receive objective advice targeted to your needs and goals.

What makes Eagle Tax Planning & Advisory Group LLC different? 

  • Fee-Only commitment. 
  • Holistic approach to planning: all the financial areas of your life are integrated in one overall, comprehensive plan. 
  • Focus on client education. 
  • Full Service Retainer: with this open-end retainer, you may visit or call anytime in addition to your regularly scheduled appointments, at no extra cost. 
  • For less extensive planning needs, a variety of affordable retainer options are available. 
  • A complimentary initial consultation is available to review your situation and develop a proposal.