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Service Provided

Tax Advice:

  • Tax Planning & Tax Preparation- We will prepare your Income Tax and we will provide you with expert all year round advice.

Investment Management/ Consulting:

  • Portfolio Analysis-Are your present investments appropriate for your risk tolerance,Tax bracket, and Long term goals? We will analyze your retirement accounts (401(k), 403(b), IRA`s, etc.) to determine if they are suitable for your goals. We will also provide you with a clear Investment policy statement which we will review with you on a yearly basis.
  • Asset Allocation Strategy-A personalized asset allocation plan will be developed based on your needs and objectives. We will show you how to balance your investments to hedge against inflation and to use Real Estate as part of your asset allocation strategy. Diversification appropriate to your risk tolerance and investment time horizon can enable you to reduce portfolio risk while enhancing returns. 
  • Commission Free Investing- We will utilize no-load, low expense mutual funds and make specific recommendations for your portfolio. There will be no hidden sales charges or commissions. Our goal is to provide professional, unbiased investment advice

Financial Services: 

  • Goal Setting: Goal Setting is a major turning point for many of our clients.  Fantasies are turned into reality as a result of putting numbers and time lines to dreams.   
  • Insurance Analysis: Most people only get advice about insurance from someone trying to sell it to them. For most of our clients, Protection Planning is the first time they have received a comprehensive, objective review of their risk exposures and insurance coverage.
  • Retirement Planning: What are your plans for retirement? Do you even have a plan?. Will your present savings get you there? . Retirement planning does not mean that you have deny yourself the joy of the present moment we can help you achieve a balance between your present habits and your future needs.
  • College Education Funding: As tuition continues to outpace inflation, financial planning for education becomes crucial for you and your family. There are many kinds of savings vehicles available, We will assist you to find the right investment to achieve your goals.
  • Estate Planning: While we are not attorneys and do not practice law, an integral part of any financial plan is reviewing your estate plan. We feel it is important to analyze your estate for liquidity and estate tax liability in the event of your death. We want to make sure that your assets will pass to your heirs and beneficiaries with as little cost and complexity as possible.
  • Business Planning: One of your most important assets is your ability to generate income. For many people, this means starting and running your own business. Our basic business planning is designed to analyze how your business affects your personal finances. We will look at ways to increase your income while reducing your taxes through insightful, applicable business deductions. We will help you maximize opportunities for retirement savings through the use of appropriate self-employed retirement plans.